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        Storage style of casing
        It is also important for the usage and storage of the casing to play the role of the casing. The storage environment of casing is generally required to be stored in dry, ventilated and light - free places. How to use it according to the method recommended by the casing factory. Improper use of the sausage has a bad effect on the quality of the sausage. The casing before use or use when bruised, or in enema or sterilization process caused by casing burst, it will in the sales process for storage or sausage casing structure was destroyed and the barrier decreased, sausage will advance the oxidation or bacteria into a sausage sausage internal corruption to lose edible value. 2. The storage of casings under high temperature and humid conditions will make the sausage deformation, shrinkage and specifications change. (3) the long storage of the casing, due to the incomplete storage conditions, will make the casing deformation and cause loss.
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