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        The importance of casing package
        The importance of casing package
        With the development of plastics and its superior performance, the application fields of plastic packaging materials are more and more extensive. Plastic film as a very important member of packaging materials family is attracting more and more attention from the food packaging industry.
        In recent years, with the continuous development of multi-layer coextrusion technology, multilayer coextrusion composite films with excellent barrier properties, chemical resistance, resistance to high temperature and low temperature resistance and mechanical and other comprehensive advantages, widely used in food, meat, seafood, food and chemical products, multi-layer co extrusion heat shrinkable casing with its unique processing the packaging process, good effect, was widely applied to the pasteurization of low temperature sausage product packaging.
        As the packaging of low temperature enema products, the multilayer coextrusion casing plays a very important role in the production, sale, circulation and storage of the irrigation products.
        (1) it must protect against microbial, chemical and physical pollution.
        (2) keep the physical state required by the sausage.
        (3) can tell the buyer which ingredients are included in the sausage.
        (4) it is the advertisement medium of the product to persuade the customer to buy your product rather than to buy a competitor's product.
        In view of the above effects, high quality casings should meet the following requirements for sausage:
        (1) good oxygen, water vapor and fragrance barrier;
        (2) good physical and mechanical properties to meet the requirements of the enema process.
        (3) good meat stickiness prevents water and gravy from the meat.
        (4) safe and reliable food hygiene;
        (5) the resistance to steaming can meet the requirements of the germicidal process of sausage.
        (6) the brightness of the surface of the casing and the effect of printing;
        (7) good specifications and performance price ratio.
        As the outer packing of the sausage, the basic function of the casing is to ensure that the sausage does not deteriorate in a certain condition and time so as to meet the needs of storage and circulation. This function is provided by the barrier index of the casing, that is, oxygen barrier, water vapor barrier and fragrance barrier.
        It is also important for the usage and storage of the casing to play the role of the casing. The storage environment of the casing is usually stored under 25 degrees centigrade, drying, ventilating and avoiding light. How to use it according to the method recommended by the casing factory. Improper use of the sausage has a bad effect on the quality of the sausage. The casing before use or use when bruised, or in enema or sterilization process caused by casing burst, it will in the sales process for storage or sausage casing structure was destroyed and the barrier decreased, sausage will advance the oxidation or bacteria into a sausage sausage internal corruption to lose edible value. 2. The storage of casings under high temperature and humid conditions will make the sausage deformation, shrinkage and specifications change. (3) the long storage of the casing, due to the incomplete storage conditions, will make the casing deformation and cause loss. The general suggestion is that the storage period is 3 months.
        The casing may be the last step of the sausage processing line for the processing of sausage, but it may cause a lot of trouble to ignore the importance of it. So we must consider the selection of casing carefully. On the one hand, we choose the good quality casing with good price performance. On the other hand, we choose the casing to match the requirements of the sausages you produce. At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of the method, make the casing play its due role and bring you considerable economic benefits.
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