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               Tianjin Huirunze Plastic packaging products CO.,Ltd.is a private company specializing in printing / packaging / papermaking industry, and a professional company registered by the State Administration of industry and commerce. It was founded in 2014 01, 24, with a registered capital of 6 million yuan. The company is located in Tianjin City, Beichen economic and Technological Development Zone Dong Yu Jing pathway Oil Industrial Zone No. 25 salary, Tianjin City Department of moist plastic packaging products limited to standard, professional, innovation, win-win business philosophy, efficient and attentive service, unity, dedication, dedication, truth-seeking spirit of service is responsible for the spirit of enterprise, always carry out partners in pursuit of the best interests of the target, to provide maximum protection for partners. We will aspire to build the best and excellent team and provide our partners with the best, most scientific and professional services so as to get the trust and support of our partners and create our own brand. We are looking for people with lofty ideals to develop together and look forward to your arrival.

        Tianjin Huirunze Plastic packaging products Co., Ltd.
        TEL:022-84811127      M.P: 13802170048       FAX:022-26993860
        ADD:No. 25 Dongyu oil industrial zone, Beichen economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin